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Our Core Values

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  • Integrity: We believe in choosing the right path for our students so that they excel in their life.
  • Accountability: We undertake the responsibility of making the aspirants proficient in Technical Concepts.
  • Diligence: With patience and diligence we can achieve the perfection.
  • Passion: We kindle the passion for Technical Concepts and nurture it with care and personal attention.
  • Excellence: With always aim to achieve excellence and perfection.

Our Strengths

  • Customized programs and personal attention
  • Use of Modern Pedagogy for ease of learning
  • Team of expert and experienced Trainers and facilitators
  • Well- equipped classrooms
  • Complete Language Solutions
  • Flexible time lectures for convenience of students and corporate persons
  • Centre located in the heart of the city
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If you have decided to develop your skills in Computer field, SPaRK is the best Computer training institute for you and your perfect choice. Choose to learn at SPaRK and relax. You are in good hands!

Why we are different ?

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  • We are specialist in this field
  • We provide personal attention to every student.
  • We use internationally standard study material.
  • We help students to cover the syllabus if they miss any class due to workload in their college.
  • We also help our students to find jobs in India
  • We have batches on weekdays and also special weekend batches.